comment voir qui vous aime sur Tinder 2021


Paid features include the ability to swipe as much as you want and change your location (for example, if you want to get a date before you reach your travel destination). Tinder’s 6 million paid mac subscribers spat out a whopping $ 1.2 billion last year to optimize their search for love and / or lust.

Perhaps the coolest checkout feature is the one that lets you browse a list of people who found you attractive enough to swipe right. Either you haven’t seen these people pass by yet, or you’ve given them a negative rating by swiping to the left. In the normal and free version, the images in this “likes” list are blurry to the point that they are teasing but unrecognizable.

see who likes you on Tinder

How to see who liked you on Tinder for free

To use this trick, you need to log into Tinder from the desktop. Below is a step by step guide on how to use the hack.
First, you need to log into Tinder from your browser. It is recommended to use the Google browser. Once logged in, you will see all of your possible matches.
Here you will find a section where Tinder will display all the matches that liked your profile. But these profiles will appear blurry and will not be revealed unless you have a Gold membership.
But you want to see these profiles without paying, right? It’s time to put on your hacker hat.

Now right click on the blurry photo and select “inspect” or “inspect item” depending on which browser you are using.

Once you click on it, a new box will open with a lot of confusing code. You don’t have to worry about all the code.

How to see who likes you on Tinder without Tinder Gold

1. First, open Tinder in a web browser (we recommend Google Chrome)
2. You will see the possible matches on the left side of the screen.
3. The top left dot should show a blurry image and text that says something like “X likes”.
4.Click on it and you should see a list of up to 10 people who swiped right at you
5. Now is the time to develop your elite ™ hacking skills
6. Right click on any of the images and click Inspect at the bottom
7. Once you open it you will see a lot of cheesy stuff (code), look for the Styles section halfway.
In this section, enter the world filter in the search box
9. You will see a text that says filter: blur (12px)
10.Change this text from 12px to 1px

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