Comment redémarrer une conversation Tinder


When you feel a tickle in your lower regions from a girl you know from IRL, there is a strict deadline to get the contact information of others. Either get up and ask for their numbers before you get to the front of the Trader Joe line, or you say “goodbye” to your potential soul mate.

However, when it comes to Tinder , there is no expiration date. You may firmly believe that women should message men first, so you text your partner with this adorable puppy for weeks and never meet. Or you can swap numbers with your partner on this sailboat and meet up that same evening. (Maybe not just on his sailboat, because #safety).

restart a tinder conversation

The Tinder conversation trick to make her talk everything

In a moment I’ll show you exactly what you’re doing wrong.

All the big and small things that kill your conversions.

Get ready and hold on to something. Because I’m going to give you a trick to make her speak automatically, without too much effort on your part.

Raise up your hand if that interests you. 😉

This is Tinder’s simple (but effective) trick to polish your profile.

There are some great ways to adjust your photos and profile description so that girls just NEED to react to you.

Call the girl for not responding to your last text. A short, direct insult will make her feel guilty for her misstep. You will feel bad that you are not consistent with your own identity, and you will try to change your mind to resolve your inner confusion. Girls will also be more attracted to you for being a man who isn’t afraid to call them.

Final words

There should be no shame in your dating game. If you are interested, send him a message. You literally have nothing to lose. Nothing! This is someone online that you have never met in person and that you will never have to do if things go wrong. If they’re dumb, you can block them and never see them again. Just act like it’s okay and own it

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